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The Phd program in mechanical engineering, fluids and aeronautics, emerged in 2009 through the synergy previus doctoral programs consolidated in the UPC such as mechanical engineering and fluid and the incorporation of a new area of research in the aeronautical field. The beginning of this new program is due to the affinity of the previously mentioned areas of research to aeronautics, and is carried out using the opportunity to adapt to the new frame of studies to the Official Postgraduate Programmes within the framework of the European Higher Education Area. MFA starts his doctorate with the aim of obtaining Shortly Quality Award from the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC).
This doctorate provides a framework for conducting doctoral research in the areas mentioned above under the guidance of teachers on the campus of UPC in Terrassa and Barcelona, taking advantage of research infrastructures of all the basic units and research groups involved.
The MFA seeks to improve doctoral research profile of today's graduates in the fields of industrial engineering and aeronautics, providing access to the research phase of the current graduates. You can also join if you have a proper degree, with an additional training.
The MFA PhD inherited previous experience of existing programs (mechanical engineering and fluidics), both in program management and in monitoring and supervising the activities of their students. But born with the aim of promoting the internationalization of research activities, facilitating the exchange of professors with foreign universities. Fostering co-supervision of doctoral theses, in order to achieve a broader view of research areas involved. Promoting the exchange of students and also making the program visible to domestic and foreign students.

European industry in areas related to the program: mechanics, fluids and aeronautics, has seen the need to include products with high added value to compete with emerging economies. In order to maintain their activity so cutting edge in all fields is vital to have research professionals capable of generating innovation. The program aims to be the tool on the market that incorporates a professional profile that performs applied research in these fields.
The MFA program aims to provide a solid formation, which serves as a complement to the knowledge already acquired in undergradute studies, and prepare  to start scientific research  in highly especialized environments. In this sense, the doctoral student acquires the ability to find innovative solutions based on solid knowledge and application of new technologies.