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External Review

Once given final approval of the thesis, the student must inform the coordinator of the doctoral program of its intention to proceed with the process, adding the approval of the director / s  and the memory of his dissertation ( 2 paper copies and electronic version).

The Phd Comission will make a preliminary evaluation and if it is successful will appoint two doctors and experts outside the program on the topic of the thesis for review and make comments and suggestions they deem appropriate.

If the assessment is not satisfactory the copies will be given back to the student with the comments to act accordingly.

Together with the report of external assessors the Phd Comission will make a proposal of a committee, after hearing the director of the thesis (which may suggest a composition of committeee at the time of deposit of the thesis), the program coordinator shall submit promptly to the UPC in the process of filing the thesis.

The external evaluators have a month to make its report on the thesis. In addition to comments deemed appropriate the report should say explicitly whether the thesis exceeds the minimum level acceptable to proceed with his defense. Comments received will inform the doctor and the director of the thesis to take them into account in drafting the final version, together with recommendations that it considers relevant CD.

Acceptance process of reading

After external review, to move to the process of reading the doctoral student must send to the Phd Comission:

* A letter describing the changes made following the recommendations of external reviewers with the approval of the director is of the view
* An electronic copy of the revised memory

The PhD coordinator will make this documentation available to the Comission together with the reports of the reviewers. In light of this information the comisssion authorize the continuation of the process of reading the thesis, or Ask the doctor to make additional changes if deemed appropriate.

Phd Thesis Defense

Overcome the external evaluation and approval from the Phd Comission, the student will begin the process of filing and reading of the thesis. To perform this procedure the doctoral student must submit to the Phd Comission the following documents:

    * Registration form
    * Two copies of the thesis, bound in accordance with program rules
    * A summary of the thesis in English and Catalan or Spanish in paper and electronic format (maximum 4000 characters) prepared and signed by the doctor.
    * A copy of the thesis in electronic format (PDF)
    * Request mention of European Doctor, if it chooses, and related documentation required
    * A report in Word format (type I) of two pages, which describe specifically:

    * Originality of work
    * Objectives achieved with the thesis in relation to the originally proposed the thesis proposal
    * Methodology
    * Results (publications, communications, patents, books or chapters of books which has resulted in the work of the thesis)
    * Indication of whether the thesis has been carried out within the framework of a project or research contract with specific funding
    * Analysis of impact of the results of the study and the methodologies developed in the socio-economic

The Phd Comission may request additional information it deems necessary.

With this, information management makes the registration of the thesis and it passes the period of "public deposit" of 15 days, during which they can be examined by any Phd who can forward written comments to the UPC.

At the end of the period of public deposit of the thesis, the student will get the program coordinator seven copies of the report to be delivered to the board members


Timetable for the Phd Defense.

The normal timetable is:

Phd Comision does the previous evaluation. If satisfactory names two external reviewers and makes a commitee thesis proposal.

up to 3 weeks
Thesis sent for revision
1 or 2 days
Reviewers have to send the comments back.
up to 1 month
Received the reports, if satisfactories, the Phd comision allows to proceed with the Phd defense and ask the student to prepare all the documentation and to comunicate to the members of commitee thesis.
up to 2 weeks
Public display of the Thesis
15 days
If there are comments during the public display, the student should answer.
10 days
If no comments the student can proceed and the Commitee is made oficial
up to 5 days
The Phd Coordinator send the copies of the thesis to the members of the commitee
up to 5 days
The president of the commitee gives the date of defense.
Depending on the commitee board
Cominucation of the defense day.
At least 10 days before
Note that if you take into account  the limits of each phase can easily achieve a period of up to 15 weeks since the doctor expressed his intention of reading the thesis until it is done.

There are periods of the year are not considered instructional for the purposes of deposit deadlines, or deadlines for submission of reports (August, Easter holidays and Christmas).

For more information, see the rules of the UPC.